How a UPS System Works with a Backup Generator

Posted by Custom Networks Inc. on 23rd Sep 2022

How a UPS System Works with a Backup Generator

Losing power, for some, is only a minor annoyance, and having backup power to safely shut down their systems is sufficient. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can supply this requirement.

However, for some businesses, regardless of how long a power outage lasts, it is non-negotiable for them to continue operating properly with their systems running nonstop.

In this, a standby generator works in conjunction with a UPS to provide power availability for extended periods. During a power outage, the standby generator does not spring into action right away. There are 30 seconds to a 2-minute period before the power is handled by the generator. Therefore, generators and UPS systems need to be properly matched for them to function together effectively and to ensure that your devices, your work, and your productivity keep connected and secure for sensitive office equipment.

A UPS system also purifies incoming power. Variations in voltage and frequency ranges can be produced by a generator. An online UPS system converts erratic generator power into steady, clean output, ensuring that your sensitive equipment continues to operate as intended.

Additionally, the UPS system must be able to handle the power load of the plugged-in linked devices. The continuous generator capacity rating must also be at least twice as large as the UPS system's rated capacity.

These days, generators are essential, particularly in regions most impacted by inclement weather. When used in conjunction with your generator, an online double-conversion topology UPS system help safeguard your equipment and boost productivity by ensuring uninterrupted operation during a power outage.