Trade-UPS Program


When it comes to data center management, equipment that isn't being utilized is just wasting, space, energy and resources.

Selecting, optimizing and maintaining the appropriate equipment can help prevent downtime and data loss, as well as increase energy efficiency and lower costs. Given how important physical equipment is to data center performance, removing, replacing and upgrading it should be as easy as possible.

At Custom Networks, we make sure it is.

What's the Trade-UPS Program?

With the award-winning Trade-UPS program, you can upgrade your old, outdated and likely inefficient UPS for a better one - at a discounted price. We will provide return shipping instructions for the free removal and recycling of your old Back UPS. In exchange, you will get a discount on any new APC UPS units and accessories. Aside from convenience, using this program to dispose of old units and replace more with newer, better performing ones allows you to:

  • Boost computer room/data center energy efficiency
  • Minimize downtime
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduce upfront expenses

It doesn't matter what manufacturer made the UPS or what kind of working condition it's in - when you trade it in using our program, you will get up to 25 percent discount on the latest APC by Schneider Electric UPS products and technology.

Trade in - save big

Through Trade-UPS, not only will you benefit from upfront cost-savings, but long-term ones as well.

Investing in a newer, more efficient model will increase the availability of clean power to your connected equipment. You'll also help protect the environment in multiple ways by ensuring the old equipment is recycled and by reducing your carbon footprint. And, when you reduce your energy consumption, you're also able to cut down on your bills.

The equipment you use to power your data center is the backbone of your infrastructure. Therefore, it is critical to use the most energy efficient units that offer the utmost reliability. If your UPS is currently going unused, it means you're spending unnecessary amounts of expense keeping it powered in your data center. It could also be adding to heating and cooling costs. The same is true if the model is outdated. Either way, all of this translates to funneling resources to a power supply that is hurting, not helping, the overall performance and reliability of your data center.

Additional features of the Trade-UPS program include:

  • Up to 3-year warranty on new units
  • Free removal and shipping of existing units
  • Option to upgrade to 4x the VA of current UPS capacity
  • Ability to trade in two or more UPSs for one larger unit

If you realize it's time to switch out your UPS - which plays such an essential role in maintaining uptime and ensuring you always have the power supply you need, when you need it most - you want to make sure you go about it in the most environmentally friendly, affordable and effective way possible. Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of the opportunity to save money, optimize performance and availability and enhance efficiency - all with one program?