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$45 billion: the average annual cost business firms stomach due to power problems.

Four out of five computer related problems are power related and can be eliminated with power equipment. Unprotected equipment is a disaster waiting to happen. Custom Networks can fit your business with a solution that will help prevent downtime and data loss.

Custom Networks is the no non-sense, go-to source for effective power protection and APC cooling solutions. As an APC Elite Partner, Custom Networks provides the absolute best power protection solution for your organization with down-to-earth pricing and exemplary customer service.

With our award-winning Trade-UPS program we remove and recycle your old back UPS for free and you receive a significant discount on any new APC UPS units and accessories.

An Energy STEP1 Audit is the popular first step for our customers to effectively figure out their power usage and requirements in a busy data center. An on-site visit by a certified field engineer provides you with a complete report analyzing your IT efficiency, potential threats or deficiencies, a general rating of your data center, and recommendations for improvement.