What are some key features to understand when choosing a UPS system?

Posted by Custom Networks Inc. on 14th Jan 2021

What are some key features to understand when choosing a UPS system?

Making a knowledgeable decision when it comes to investing in a UPS Backup System will help you make the right choice for your business needs. UPS Backup Systems are complicated, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea to understand all the technological mumbo jumbo. However, understanding a few key features will help you maintain your UPS investment for many years to come. So, we broke it down into 3 simple categories: basic, advanced, and enhanced key features that everyone should know when it comes to a UPS system.

Here are a few basic key features to keep in mind:

  • User-Replaceable Batteries – When looking for a UPS system, look for this. It increases availability by allowing trained users to perform battery upgrades and replacements.
  • Surge-Only Outlets – This protects secondary electronics from surges and spikes without reducing Battery Backup used to run primary electronics during outages.
  • Building Wiring Fault Indicator - LED indicators inform users of potentially dangerous wiring problems in wall circuits.
  • Transformer-Block Spaced Outlets – This protects equipment without blocking access to other receptacles.
  • Automatic Self-Test – A periodic battery check ensures early detection of batteries needing replacement.
  • A few key advanced features to be aware of:
  • Adjustable Voltage Transfer Points – This maximizes useful battery backup by widening the input voltage window or tightening the output voltage regulation.
  • Temperature-Compensated Battery Charging - Prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature.
  • Intelligent Battery Management - Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging.
  • Predictive Failure Notifications - Provide early-warning fault analysis, ensuring proactive component replacement.
  • Plug-and-Play External Batteries - Ensure clean, uninterrupted power when adding extra runtime to a UPS.
  • And lastly, enhanced features that you must know:
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) - Gives high application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery.
  • Pure Sine-Wave Output on Battery - Simulates utility power to provide the highest degree of compatibility for active PFC (power factor corrected) servers and sensitive electronics.
  • Smart Slot - Customizes UPS capabilities with network management cards.
  • Scalable Runtime - Allows additional runtime as needed via external battery packs.
  • Power Conditioning - Protects connected loads from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances.

It’s understandable if all this information may seem overwhelming. A great way to ensure your ability to make an informed decision is to pull-up this blog on your phone, which will help to buy the Best UPS Battery Backup, when heading to buy a UPS system at Custom Networks. Don’t worry, our experts will be happy to answer any questions and assist you in making the best decision for your business needs. For more information about the variety of UPS systems sold, call us at 978.392.0060, ext. 111 or email us at sales@customnetworks.net. For more product information please visit us at https://www.customnetworks.net/ or contact us today!